Let’s talk about nature

WELCOME to my first blog and if you decide to stay I will start trying to entertain you with topics I am interested in and which hopefully also will be of some use in your daily life …. Naturopathy, Nutrition, how we can follow nature and listen to our body, Yoga, Meditation and many more related subjects.

But let’s start at the beginning and for those who have just started to let thoughts of Naturopathy and Naturopathic Nutrition enter their minds I want to give some general information about the two topics. Naturopathy is based (as part of the name suggests) on the laws of nature. The human body as well as the whole universe are made out of five elements – water, air, fire, ether and earth. A healthy nature – and a healthy body depend on the balance of these five elements.

If we listen to our bodies and follow nature we can use Naturopathy as our guide to good health. It is – compared to for example Allopathy – simple, natural and safe. The aim is to find and work on the root cause of the disease and eliminate it which can be done on the physical, mental or emotional level.

The intention of Naturopathy and Naturopathic Nutrition is to purify the body, to eliminate toxins and to educate the body in order for it to follow the principles of nature.

During a Naturopathic Nutrition treatment we look for a way to achieve the best lifestyle possible for the client – including what best to drink, eat, exercise and rest and we consider work and the environment in which one lives. We treat body and mind in order to enhance a healthy life style.

Fruit basket

If we have a family how can we make sure we are happy with ourselves and the rest of our family members? First and most important we take care of ourselves in order to be able to help others (like in the airplane). Then we can concentrate on our children’s health. We should give them from birth onward the best support to grow up healthy, happy and balanced. Childhood is such an important time – whatever goes wrong and is not addressed at that time will take even longer to heal and fix as an adult.

They don’t know anything, they learn from us. Help them for example to stimulate their taste buds as early as possible and be a good example. Nobody can expect from a child to eat carrots and spinach if the child doesn’t see you enjoying it as well. If you nibble on French fries or chicken nuggets then the child will want as well.

It is not only about physical nutrition but also about psychology. When we get children used to a certain type of food right from the beginning – fresh, homemade, steamed, sugarless, colourful food life will be easier for you and the children once they have learned to verbally oppose you since their bodies will not want processed sugary food and children will actually dislike it.

What can we do if we or our children get –since we are in the cold season at the moment – a fever, a cold, blocked nose, or a cough? First of all, if the diet is right and the immune system is strong enough (and in a child’s case has been given the opportunity to build itself up) the body will not suffer as many illnesses as it might with an incorrect diet and life style. Furthermore, the body will be able to do the recovery work by itself since we are given it sufficient nutrients and energy through our diet. But there are natural helpers which are very effective to give support to our organs and body parts which have to deal with intruders such as Colloidal Silver, Turmeric, steam inhalation, cleansing of the nose with salty water and many more.

For now, I will leave you with this information hoping it was an easy and helpful read and will continue with details about the mentioned Naturopathic Techniques in my further posts.

Be natural, be healthy and be happy.


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